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What's goin' on in Klecany?



Lots of fun things that's what!

About two weeks ago one of my students invited me to go horseback riding with her. I love animals so, naturally, I said yes and since then I’ve been spending a lot of time with Cezana, Stazka, and Denis. Cezana is stubborn but she can be sweet. Denis, who is actually a pony, always thinks I have food in my pockets and Stazka is an angel except when she smells apples. Then they’re all she can focus on. Just to tell you how chill she is, I fell off her back last week (landed in sand so no harm done) and she barely even noticed.

This past weekend Klecany held a welcome for new neighbors get-together in the town square and Andrea, Milan, and I took the horses to the square to give some kids rides. I saw some of my students as well as some of the kids who come to the horse riding club and met some more parents. I speak and understand more Czech than I did when I first got here and it’s always fun learning how to communicate. And even if we can’t say much to each other just going and sharing the experience of being together is important.

A quick fun story: On the way back from Klecany square we had to ride up a pretty steep concrete ramp. Milan walked Denis since Denis is too small to bare more than 40kg. Andrea rode Cezana because Cezana cooperates better for Andrea than she does for me, and I rode Stazka, who you have to ride bareback because they don’t have a saddle that fits her. I’ve ridden both up and down a hill in a saddle before but bareback was something new. Ironically I was more nervous to go down than I was to go back up. We went down going to Klecany square and I was worried I’d slip off but Stazka is a champ and we made it just fine. Slow and steady, as they say. Going back up though I almost fell off her again because she had to gather a little speed to get up the ramp and I didn’t expect that (silly me!) and I had no stirrups to brace my weight in. But nobody panic. I definitely avoided the extreme inconvenience that falling would have been and we all made it back safe and sound.

In other fun language news I realized that I had an entire conversation with a perfect stranger entirely in Czech yesterday. Baby Czech on my part and slow simple Czech on hers, but I can express myself better and better every day. I learn random words from anyone who will teach them to me and find ways to use or recognize them whenever I can.

That’s all from me for now. I have an appointment at the Ministry of Interiors in Prague tomorrow so my next update with probably be about the process of getting to the Czech Republic as an employee and what you have to do once you’re here so keep your eyes peeled.


Andrea and I on Stazka and Cezana


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